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Get to Know Us

GM Training and Consulting is an independent training and consulting company based in Hyderabad. Since our establishment in April 2022, we have been dedicated to helping individuals navigate the competitive job market and acquire their dream jobs. Our team of skilled trainers, strategists, and career advisors is committed to equipping candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their desired fields.


The visionary founder of GMTRAC, empowering graduates for success in IT and Non-IT sectors. With a track record of training candidates who secured positions in renowned organizations, Faseeh's expertise also extends to AI&ML  Faseeh's commitment to entrepreneurship and passion for empowering candidates to achieve their career goals make him a trusted mentor and guide. Join him on the journey to unlock your potential and seize your dream job.

"Ultimately, our vision is to create a positive ripple effect, where the impact of our training and consulting services extends beyond individuals and organizations. We envision contributing to the development of prosperous communities, where empowered individuals and thriving businesses drive positive change and collective success." 


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Collaboration with Mr. George Schulligen from Germany

Introducing Faseeh: Catalyst for International Business Collaborations

Faseeh is a dynamic professional with a track record of fostering international collaborations and driving business success. With extensive experience working with diverse nationalities worldwide, Faseeh possesses a unique ability to bridge cultural gaps and build strong relationships across borders.

Having worked closely with Mr. George, General Manager of Mercedes Benz in Saudi Arabia, Faseeh has gained valuable insights into the intricacies of international business operations. This experience has honed their skills in navigating diverse market landscapes, understanding global trends, and identifying strategic opportunities for growth and expansion.

In addition, Faseeh's association with the Digital Marketing staff of Cambridge University showcases their proficiency in the digital realm. Collaborating with esteemed professionals in a prestigious institution has provided Faseeh with a deep understanding of cutting-edge marketing strategies, online consumer behavior, and the importance of data-driven decision-making in today's competitive landscape.

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